Clearfield– A previous worker has submitted a whistleblower claim versus Clearfield County concerning her firing by Prothonotary Brian Spencer.

In February, Spencer fired Linda Luce, who had operated in the Clerk of Court’s workplace for 28 years, according to a previous declaration from Judges Fredric J. Ammerman and Paul E. Cherry. This declaration released in July described a stockpile in processing court documentation started after Luce’s termination.

In Luce’s claim, she specifies that Spencer employed his good friend, Stephen Marshall, as the deputy prothonotary and clerk of courts after he took control of the position in January of 2014.

” Although Stephen Marshall was getting an income and advantages to perform his responsibilities as a staff member of the prothonotary & clerk of courts workplace, Stephen Marshall carried out little or no work,” according to the documents.

Luce supposedly grumbled about this to Spencer; F. Cortez Bell III, the court administrator; Marianne Sankey of personnel; and the secretaries of both county judges. After this, she was fired.

The suit mentions that her firing remained in the offense of the “Whistleblower Law.” The county is accountable to her for “loss of previous and future earnings and advantages” and “damages for psychological distress.” She is requesting a “quantity more than $20,000.”.

This is the most recent strike versus Spencer, who is running for re-election this year. Previous declarations from the judges discussed that he is uncooperative which documents are not being submitted in a prompt way.

” Over the last couple of months, Judges Cherry and Ammerman have composed letters to Brian Spencer mentioning the lots of troubles in the clerk’s workplace and the unfavorable result of the criminal system, public, and taxpayers. Mr. Spencer has been asked to supply a composed strategy to the court regarding how he proposes to repair the issues and remove the stockpile. Mr. Spencer has actually chosen not to supply his proposals to fix the stockpile and rather has declared all the issues have been brought on by the judges, court administrator’s workplace and court press reporters,” according to the declaration.

Spencer reacted with his own declaration: “It is my viewpoint that these attacks upon me and my staff are refrained from doing in the spirit of improving the performance or efficiency of the court house operations, but rather are partisan political attacks focused on affecting the result of an election.”.

He included that he has an “open door” policy and wants to pay attention to any input on how he can make the system much better.

Spencer likewise launched a letter to the media that he composed to Warden Gregory D. Collins of the Clearfield County Jail requesting for info or issues with his workplace.

Collins then reacted with his own letter mentioning that in his 21 years in the prison, he had never ever “before experienced the issues we have actually been having regarding the invoice from the clerk of prompt and correctly submitted orders and files.”.

Both judges signed a court order July 25 developing a timeline for numerous kinds of court documents. If the due dates are not satisfied, Spencer might be held in contempt of court.